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Aman Misra

I'm a Journalist and Media Researcher based out of Calcutta, India.

My research examines the intersectional areas of adapted sports, journalism, and the Global South.

I write about professional golf and cricket in the subcontinent. I also write a column on Childrens' books.  

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Born and raised in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata, Aman Misra is a deaf journalist who progressively lost his hearing during his teenage and young adult years. He holds an MA in Mass Communication (Journalism) from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications(SIMC), Pune, Maharashtra.
Through his school years, Aman was a competitive swimmer and today continues to be an avid golfer in Kolkata. Despite being raised in a home that encouraged sport, Aman is yet to venture into competitive deaf sports spaces. As a journalist, Aman has worked for the Indian Express, ESPNCricinfo, Wisden India, and Golf Digest India. He has covered cricket and golf in India. Aman has also covered the local news beat in the west Indian city of Pune, written about music, and authored Sunday features for the Indian Express back page. At ESPN, he worked with the television input team at their Mumbai studio. His role was to research and write scripts for digital content. In 2018, after his stint at ESPN, Aman began co-partnering with his mother Mayura Misra at their family-owned bookstore in Kolkata. Together, today, they run one of India’s leading independent children’s bookshops. The duo work with schools, parents, teachers, and children across South Asia. They also host interactive sessions with authors both at home and abroad. Aman also currently writes a column on children's books for the T2, a supplement of the English Daily The Telegraph. His research work is deep-rooted within intersectional areas of adapted sport, media, and communication within the Global South context. He has directed a documentary on women’s cricket in India and published a narrative about his experience as a young Indian with a disability. Verticals that he has written for include The Telegraph,, The Wire, amongst others.

Aman Misra

Storyteller Bookstore, MM Gardens VIP Bazaar, Kolkata 700039

aman dot misra nineteen ninty two at gmail dot come

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